by mickharris

it’s hard to dance when you’re not sure if anyone will watch you and then when they do of course you don’t want them to

it’s hard to get in the door, every time, even after years and years of being proud


(are you, really)


it’s hard to be alone

it’s hard to catch someone’s eye

it’s hard

(but it is ours)


queer: not fitting, sliding in between raising arms trying not to touch others


wishing they would touch


(not without asking)

(a bullet is a violation of this)

(of so much)


not fitting, ever, even among the unfit

the weirdos unicorns glitter gals butches femmes queens

and never, now, never insulated

from never safe.


out: outside: unwanted: unloved

always find a way to remind us that we don’t belong

that you don’t want us

with you.