It’s important to remember where you came from 

by mickharris

Circulating memories of shoes on tired feet

Clothing in piles

Sleep in the daytime

Sweats slung low

Too much makeup,

Not enough sun.

I remember it all

Smoke and baby oil and old booze and douche and pizza and mold and cigarettes and ass sweat and feet and deodorant and dryer sheets and hairspray and body splash and dirt and cologne and blood

Neon and slick surfaces skim and slip, yes, you gotta be careful with your footing,

But they don’t shimmer like they’re old

Patina of photos in an album

Carefully cornered, scalloped and preserved
I don’t want a tattoo so I can’t ever do it again.

I don’t want a job holding shame cupped in careful hands

Between meetings.
I don’t want to forget, today.

I don’t want to forget