vertical interrogation (plenum prompt #1)

by mickharris

Plenum prompt #1

Join in!

My post, from comments:

The Mixtape: a Field Guide to (Wilderness) Interrogation & (Feral) Appropriation

Please submit responses to the following 14-question vertical interrogation:

1. I breathe now through bands around my chest and lungs already half full of feelings; I came to this through blood, and DNA.

2. My heart swims in the ocean of best intentions and statistical mood fluctuations. Spike graphs. It got here by happy accident, and stays in half-sorrow.

3. Opening my hands.

4. Drawing water into my nostrils feels cold, smells like dirt, seaweed, chlorine, nitrate contamination, algae, warmth, drought.

5. Not enough.

6. A fractured piece of glass chucked far from its home.

7. Inside (unfortunately).

8. Stalking.

9. The possibility. Frankly: the fear.

10. Oceans.

11. The what if, on death.

12. No one, and I have a feeling that no one ever will.

13. Good question.

14. By fingertips and gritted teeth.