i have meghan trainor stuck in my head, and i wish she’d go bother someone else

by mickharris

aside from the consistent attempt at erosion and assimilation of black identity in pop culture that she perpetuates with her vocalization style –

aside from her definitely not being a size two but certainly not having anything notable to “shake it shake it” with, because she’s probably not more than a size 8 or 10 and thus does not have any particular authority to speak to what fat-phobia really targets in our culture –

aside from the creepy, hipster-ish infantilism of the bubblegum little girl video set –

aside from couching far more insidious messages of sexuality as valuable and performative only for a patriarchal or male gaze –

aside from her white dancer double-slapping the ass of the black dancer in the video –

aside from her simple inversion of the hierarchy of desirability masquerading as progressive acceptance of bodies of all sizes –

the song fucking sucks.

i’m sick of everyone jumping for joy every time basic pop culture offers such a platitude.

i’m sick of this level one shit trying to worm its way into my consciousness.

i’m even sick of the endlessly boring think pieces surrounding this crap.

this shit matters because it perpetuates all sorts of bullshit, running the gamut from racism to sexism and in between.  it also matters because it’s pretending to be something that’s helpful, when really it’s just more of the same garbage we’re programmed with from an early age.  the conversations around it are important.  everyone’s feelings are important.

but when we’re forced to wade through the shitheap of pop culture to tangle with such asinine material that your average person will legit go to bat for, it makes me really hopeless for the general state of human intelligence.

it is more of the same.

and i hate it.