we’ve lost the ability to be ourselves

by mickharris

have you ever considered how much pressure is on the human pelvis
how the curve of the spine is an evolutionary coping mechanism
designed to ensure that we don’t simply collapse
block by block
vertebrae grinding together
cartilage slipping askew
crunch and snap of tiny bones
you didn’t even know were there

women have wider pelvises that grow wider
in birth
the body preparing to pass an animal the size of a football
through a contorted opening much more painful
than it was
when we crawled
now we squat
in the woods
waiting for the root tearing
and the wet
before the scream

but we still aren’t there yet, not even close
we’ve only been upright on these two spindly legs for the span
of a blink
in the eye of a fish
or a microbe
made perfect
by thousands of years
what’s our excuse?