by mickharris

she is at a dance at a cafe in the mountains

that you have to take a gondola to get to

or hike with strong country girl legs

when she burns her dress


she’s angry about it, the way the flame zipped up the side of the silk with almost no flare

ash from a flicked cigarette

belonging to the boy next to her

she puts one heel down on the step below her and bends to look at the new slit

exposing leg, she’s sure

that will get back to her father tomorrow


an american gi is also at the dance

his name is john, though she doesn’t know that


and he watches the german girl with the close-curled hair hugging her scalp

and the slender arms

as she frowns and folds angry words back into her mouth


peach silk with a creamy wide border

now singed



he finds out where she lives and goes to visit her the next day