saturday (notes)

by mickharris

this is the first time i’ve sat down very deliberately to write in this thing in a long time

usually i’m somewhere else, doing something either mundane or occasionally amazing

and i get the itch to write

so i’ll dump it here

which is why it exists, usually, and as a challenge to put my stuff out there, as rough as this usually ends up being


this site feels very quiet, as much content as there is out there, so it’s liberating to just barf into the appearance of nothing

and then get some pings back from the wilderness, as it is


dug some earth today, turned some compost (not mine), planted thyme (also not mine)

rolled ice plant into absurd bales and avoided the spiders frantically climbing out of their homes

and got baked in the sun

unfortunately did not avoid talking to a person who i very much dislike, but he was mostly on good behavior

with that lovely caveat that all women love, “on good behavior – for him”

i dislike people who compete socially

especially when they have no tools to compete with

achievements don’t matter in this context, i don’t care about that shit

conversational death strokes, on the other hand

people who’ve never been told no in their entire lives

just.  no.

no thanks.  not here for that at all.

there are reams more that i could say about that but i’ve already dissected and complained about almost everything that he does that i’ve seen with my friends

so i think i’ll just finally put a cap on it as: no.  enough.


i have three very pithy lemons at home now

you can tap them on a hard surface and hear how hollow they are

they’re wrinkled and round and very yellow

leftovers from earlier harvests

we made sangria out of others

splashed juice in the sunshine, a pre-beltane welcome for summer


both rain and sun, please

we desperately need water in this state

so we need to do rain rituals, together, even if it’s just as simple as squeezing your eyes shut once a day,

wetting your lips

and praying

for water and clouds and thunder