general notes

by mickharris

creeps me out how i’m a string of numbers that just fits into a tiny 4×6 plastic filing box

i wonder when i started getting really excited about the concept of going to bed early, especially on the weekends

same goes for staying in on a friday or saturday


today i recalled that i can do many things with my body i thought i forgot how to do

when really all it takes is a jet of confidence to realize that the sultry is still there

it’s just been hiding

or maybe i’ve been hiding from it, that’s probably more likely

i’m not really nymph-shaped anymore – my hips are wider, my legs are larger, my skin is dimpled, more jiggles when i move around

but maybe that adds to the appeal, i dunno

it does make it hard to look in the mirror and see the same moves on a vastly different body

but it also makes me proud 

that the body i knew is done, that it was a finite thing used and discarded, grown out of when i didn’t need it anymore

reminds me that a lot of this shit even though it lingers is not permament

and that’s a nice feeling