i am not a geek

by mickharris

i resist all forms of classification

i am an angry troglodyte carving 

carbon and stone

with heavy claws

i die curled and flaking

before my body can make an impression

to study



i do this thing where i get really excited when i stumble upon a group of people that have the same interests or identity as i do or at least i think they do so i charge headlong in with ideas and sharing and then realize that everyone is mostly boring just like the rest of the world 

they all like the same media and dress the same and talk the same and don’t want to talk about stuff on a really deep level so i mostly either embarrass them or piss them off on purpose because i already feel the stinging push of not belonging to them and their groups

and then i leave because

i am a freak

amongst “freaks”

that never changes



i am diametrically opposed as a person in my being to a lack of critical thought around media that i love



the internet

and its various denizens

self included after the epic tumblr sanctimoniousness of 2011

disgust me



no one makes

the things that i like