a poem/thing for a friend, for exorcism of bad feelings

by mickharris

your feet are bursting, spilling lies over the ground

you claim to be stitched to

you roll naked and shivering like an ant with legs plucked by a cruel child

frying under the truth gaze

you cup your hands and squeeze a heart given freely

walked beside, walk beside

in pain and terror and confusion

understand that this is not magic designed to ice your soul, to stab you with remorse

there is no battle here except the one you engage

the sword you raise to the desert sky

lightning rod

there is blood on your hands and you call yourself a warrior, you style your walk and your gaze as more than this world

i don’t doubt you are connected to the earth

but your bones are hollow.

your eyes are dim.

you chase demons through baking salt and slate

of your own making.

you are a liar upon which the world turns in satisfaction of its misdeeds.

you are a liar.

you wrap your flesh with pain and push.

we are all liars we are all afraid we all hurt each other

but in this moment

i would not take your hand and lift your face to the sun

because you don’t want to see.