by mickharris

I accidentally just followed myself

So generally ornery and sour about a lot of things

Shae I got your amazing voicemail I will call you soon I don’t have words for the phone today. Also I am at work. But you should know I want you to know how blessed that made me feel instantly. Thank you.

I feel like I am moving toward poetry and then I write it and go well that was a nice sentence you hit the enter key in the middle of five times. Good job!
But I am moving toward it slowly. Swimming. My prose abstracts me from that visceral impression I seek and my pride and stubborn old man chest hacking judgment says nope you can’t write it don’t even try.
I don’t do well with no. It lights fires and pushes me into the no-ness so I can fuck around and mess it up. Tentatively or not. Doesn’t matter. It’s still eroded when I’m done with it. Even if all I did was smash bird bones against concrete judgment in there. I still went in the box. I still learned where the sides were.